A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Down to Earth is about Mr Henderson, whose home has inexplicably risen high into the air. He needs the help of you and his bird friends to build enough structures to weigh the land back down and return to the earth below.

Control is done entirely with the mouse, and the game can be completed in a few minutes.

This project was really fun and I'd like to possibly expand the gameplay into something a little more substantial.

Install instructions

The game is contained inside a zip file, and should work by running the executable upon unzipping, (i.e. no installation required). I have not tested the specs of the game but it should run on any machine from the last few years (the game has been tested on a lower end machine).

Linux Version is only confirmed to work for ubuntu.


Down To Earth (Weekly Game Jam - Week 110).zip 6 MB
Down To Earth (Weekly Game Jam - Week 110) - Ubuntu.zip 6 MB

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